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2017 Fall Class Grid

Click here to check out the class grid for Fall Semester 2017.

Dordt College Environmental Science Photography Contest

Psalm 104 paints a grand picture of the glory of the created world and God’s sustaining hand intimately at work throughout various ecosystems. The psalmist praises God for his wisdom (vs.24) and directly portrays what we would consider “natural phenomena” as the work of God. He then concludes the Psalm connecting his “meditation” on the works of the Lord as a source of his rejoicing (vs.34). How do you see God providing for His creatures? How do you connect ecology with God’s providence? This year’s photo-contest is a challenge to capture this idea in a photo and write your own “Psalm 104” meditating on God at work in creation! Dordt College is inviting all high school students to more deeply explore the beauty and voice of creation through their participation in a photo contest. Students will submit a photo, and an essay describing their photo, that they feel exemplifies the theme, “All Creatures Look to You”.  All Entries are due October 16.  For more information and specific details click here.

Girls Who Code

If you are a girl who enjoys computers and coding, or would like an opportunity to see the possibilities in this quickly growing field. Check out https://girlswhocode.com/about-us/ for many opportunities such as summer camps and/or clubs that focus on these areas.

Wisconsin Private College Summer Tours

A great chance to visit any of the private colleges in Wisconsin.  Tour campuses, visit admission representative, try the food and explore extracurricular activities offered at each campus.  Visit www.WisconsinPrivateColleges.org for more information.


Websites for a variety of Careers

Medical Assistants:  Do you need information for schools and scholarships for your medical assistant interest. Click here for a great website to check out.  Click here for a site about options in Wisconsin.

Pharmacy Technician: Are you interested in learning more about a career as a pharmacy technician. Click here for a great website to check out.  





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